The game was played on January 17, 1971, at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, the first Bowl game played on artificial turf, on first-generation Poly-Turf.

The Colts defeated the Cowboys 16-13.

Pettis Norman, #84, played in arguably one of the greatest NFL Championship games in the history of football against the Green Bay Packers. The game was played in brutally cold and windy conditions on New Year’s Eve, with the wind chill minus 48 degrees. This infamous game is well remember even today by most older football fans as “The Ice Bowl".

After The Ice Bowl game, disappointment boiled over in the locker room after this huge loss in the last 30 seconds of the game.

DECEMBER 31, 1967, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin: 21-Packers 17-Cowboys

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